Children's Books


The Sad Little Oyster by Pat Greenslade

Ollie the Oyster had made his home in a cleft of rock and felt he had to hide away because he was ugly. However, Oscar the Octopus explains that God has a special purpose for him and the as the story unfolds, we see that this is indeed true.

This is a lovely story with beautiful brightly coloured pictures. It will be published by Loxwood Press shortly.


Diary of a Disciple - Peter and Paul's Story

This eagerly anticipated second book in the Diary of a Disciple series does not disappoint. Beautifully produced by Scripture Union, this is a really modern way for children to access the message of the Bible. With phonetic guidance on how to pronounce difficult names and honest explanations of difficult concepts (such as what it means to be filled by the Holy Spirit), this is a book to curl up with on a winter's night. A perfect Christmas gift.



The Tale of Three Trees

A Traditional Folktale -  Retold by Angela Elwell Hunt, Illustrations by Tim Jonke


This lovely traditional tale is about the high ambitions of three trees. Time passes, the trees grow and when they are felled, they are each used for seemingly mundane purposes: a food box, a fishing rod, and a cross on which a man would be killed. However, each one carried the most pecious gift of all.

This story can easily be turned into a short play - either scripted or improvised. With beautiful illustrations this book will be treasured by children and adults alike.




Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story

published by Scripture Union

Fresh and modern, a must read especially for children who enjoy the accessibility of Tom Gates books.

Each page is alive with quirky art work, including decorative lettering. The message is explained clearly without being condescending and at various points there's an opportunity for youngsters to jot down their own thoughts.

Beautifully presented by Scripture Union, we are told there's more to follow in this series.

This is an amazing book that children will want to hold on to for a very long time.




Just in Case You Ever Wonder - by Max Lucado

This lovely picture book is written by the well known Christian author, Max Lucado.

The narrator speaks directly to the young child listener, explaining just how special he or she is and that God made him or her.

The narrative talks about growing and changing and it reiterates the parental promise that they will be there, no matter what. 

This is a beautiful book to share with young children and is something to be treasured. 




The Walk by F. S Nightingale

This is another short story by Faye Nightingale. This allegorical tale for young people is based on Psalm 23 and John chapter 10.

When Jane takes up walking again after a knee injury, she is surprised to come across a stranger who says quite simply, 'Follow me'. The path is stony and curved and not only do they share food together, but also Jane is grateful for the hospitality of a lady called Joan. 

The story reminds us that not only does the Good Shepherd go after lost sheep, he also instructs and guides us on our way. 



The Ladder by Faye Nightingale

This short modern tale written by Faye Nightingale, is based on Genesis 28:10-12 which is about the ladder that is placed on earth and reaches to heaven. 

Although as (adult) readers we know where the ladder leads, the story reminds us to consider the no so predicatable journey.

The moden twist at the end serves as a cheerful and subtle reminder of what it means to live a Christian life.




Tell me the Promises By Joni Eareckson Tada and illustrated by Ron DiCianni

This is a set of stories, each beginning with a Bliblical reference and an inspirational painting. The stories are intended to be shared between parent and child and each one ends with a promise which the parent signs. First published in 1996, this is a timeless classic and one which can be treasured for ever. 

Joni Eareckson Tada has published a vast amount of work and regularly contributes to magzines such as Woman Alive. She is commited to Christian missionary within the disabled community. See the following website for further information:




HE WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME By Stefan Liston and Dan Jones

This is poetry with commas and ellipses but without full stops. It is a modern presentation of the simple fact that God created the universe, He is here with us now and will be with us, for evermore.

Although I did find the cover attractive, the cartoon style art work would be more appealing to teens. The interpretation was relevant and fresh to such an audience and would provide a great launch-pad for discussions between generations.

The concluding pages were particularly poignant:

He is more than we imagine

He is more than we could dream

He is more than we could hope

This fountain, river, cleansing stream

He will come again in power

He will raise us from the dead

Every eye will see his splendour

“Faithful are these words” he said

So we can rest our weight upon them

We can give our lives for this

We can daily offer up the pain, the mess

The joy, the bliss

‘cos we’re the ones been found by Jesus

We’ve been chosen by the son

Yes, we are in awe of him

Who was

And is

And is

To come…

Full stops are clearly not required.



Treasure in the Alcove

These three books by Kathleen Watson are stand alone stories, but they also make a lovely collection. As the author herself says, this wasn't intentional:

'Treasure in the Alcove is about a relationship with God the Father; The Little House in Heaven is about a relationship with Jesus;and The Secret Blue Door is about a relationship with Holy Spirit.' 

Whereas the other two books are available from the author (The Little House in Heaven is also available via Ebay/Facebook), this one is available directly from the publisher, Loxwood Press 

The story follows the faith journey of ten year old Martha which begins with her buying an old-fashioned Bible at a car boot sale. This is a modern and reassuring story, which is a lovely independent read or it could easily be shared with youngsters in a group setting. 



The Secret Blue Door by Kathleen Watson

This heart-warming children’s book tells the tale of 9 year-old Rowena who, guided by White Dove, explores the various gardens beyond the secret blue door at the bottom of her grandmother’s garden.

In each garden Rowena learns a Biblical message which she then applies to the challenges and temptations of her daily life, which includes sibling jealousy and friendship difficulties.

The presence of an aging grandmother who downscales from her house - Number 112 Paradise Gardens - to a small flat, coupled with the passing of time and the aging of Rowena herself, is very touching.

This spiritual journey brings guidance, comfort and reassurance to younger readers. It is also a lovely book to share across the generations.



The Little House in Heaven  by Kathleen Watson

I really enjoyed this children’s book. Aimed at readers of  8+, I think it is a great book for shared reading between parents/grandparents and children. 

The story, engaging in its own right, incorporates Biblical references, modern dilemmas and a direct dialogue with Jesus to bring the Christian message to life.

Touching, lovely and real, I look forward to reading more of Kathleen Watson’s books. I am so grateful to have stumbled across this little gem!





The Story of Christmas - Story Book Set and Advent Calendar

With so many advent calendars available for children, it’s refreshing to come across one that is a) Biblical and b)without chocolate! This calendar is quite beautiful and a daily mini-book depicts part of the Christmas story throughout advent. Having used this calendar once already, I can honestly say the children didn’t even miss the chocolate! We displayed the mini-books on a tree branch from the garden which we had sparkled up with glue and glitter. This is most definitely a special calendar which can be used each year and become something of a tradition. Enjoy!