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Funerals are, inevitably, a difficult and painful time. Hopefully this page will help to answer some basic questions that often arise.

Whist there are no hard and fast rules there are three basic patterns of funeral service most often used today in churches.

• A funeral service at a Church followed by a short Committal service at a cemetery or crematorium

• A funeral service with committal at the crematorium or graveside

• A funeral service with committal at the Crematorium or graveside followed by service of Thanksgiving in Church.

Services usually include music, hymns/songs, readings and some form of tribute to the deceased. Within certain limits services may be personalised to reflect the character and life of the loved one and families are encouraged to make services as personal and memorable as they feel able.

Friends and relatives are very welcome to take part in all parts of the service but please bear in mind that such services can be very emotional times. The extra pressure of standing before family and friends at such a time can be difficult to bear.

Whilst services in Church can be as long or as short as requested, services at the Crematorium must be no longer than 25 minutes. If you wish to take more time and involve a number of people then a church service may give you more opportunities to do this.

Have you considered your own funeral?

Whilst it may sound a strange question it is often helpful when the deceased has left some instructions concerning what they would like at their funeral. You may like to consider the following questions as a guide. Please bear in mind however that funerals are not first and foremost for the deceased but for those who mourn.

Are there particular pieces of music that you would like to be played at the start, end, or during the service?

Are there particular readings, Bible readings or other readings such as poetry that you would like included?

Are there particular hymns or songs that you would like to be sung?

Are there particular people that you would like to be involved?

Are their things that you would like to have said? Things that you felt were important.

Finally are there certain things that you don't want said? Sometimes this can be as important as the things we do wish to say.

You may wish to write down your thoughts and ensure that someone close to you knows where they are kept. Alternatively you can lodge them with your minister who will keep them safe. 

Please speak to Revd. Mo Onyett for details about funeral costs.

From the Leeds South and West Circuit Website, used with kind permission from Rev. Tim Boocock.

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