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Firstly, and most importantly, Congratulations! The Church believes that Marriage is a wonderful and very important institution. It is a profound and very serious commitment between two people and is at the centre of our lives as a community. As you begin to think about your wedding, take some time to think about the following themes that are at the heart of a Christian understanding of marriage.


In the Bible Jesus quotes the book of Genesis to remind his listeners that it is God's desire that men and women live together in a serious and committed intimacy. The text says that they become "one flesh." Not just a physical joining of two bodies but the most profound and beautiful fusion and surrender of two lives, bodies, souls, spirits, stories, families and communities.


This joining or cleaving is shaped according to the principles and values of the Covenant. This is the series of promises governing the relationship between God and God's people. This relationship is serious, lifelong and exclusive. It is not to be entered into lightly. 


Finally marriage is to be shaped by that same love revealed in Jesus Christ. It is to be a relationship characterised by forgiveness and rooted in sacrificial love and service. It is to be a relationship in which our brokenness and incompleteness is honoured and in which we may find healing.

Things to Consider

If you are thinking of getting married in your local Methodist Church here are one or two things that you should bear in mind.

Contact the minster to check that your desired date is available. Please make sure to do this before you book a reception venue. Certain times of year are busier than others. The minister will usually book a preliminary meeting with you in order to clarify the details and start to get to know you.

Couples will need to contact and visit the local registrar in order to give notice of their intention to marry and to obtain the relevant legal paperwork. Couples cannot be married without this paperwork!

Methodist ministers may conduct weddings for divorcees. It is their duty however to enquire as to the circumstances of the previous marriage and to ensure that any outstanding obligations are being met.

Methodist ministers may conduct weddings where one of the partners is from a different religious tradition. Couples intending such a wedding should explore with the minister whether this is possible in their circumstances.

Couples will be expected to meet with the Minister for a series of conversations in preparation for their wedding. 

Please speak to Revd mo Onyett for details of cost.

Finally, should you change your mind please let us know. This will allow us to reallocate the date if required.


From the Leeds South and West Circuit Website, used with kind permission from Rev. Tim Boocock.

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