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On Sunday 4th November the shoeboxes for the Samaritan's Purse charity were displayed in Church. Thank you to everyone who helped support this project, whether that was by donating individual items, filling whole boxes or contributing to the postage costs. 
















Harvest Festival

We enjoyed a vibrant All Age Service on 14th October where we celebrated harvest and a baptism. The Church was decorated beautifully by many keen volunteers. Each window reflected a harvest song or hymn. We enjoyed singing traditional hymns, accompanied by the organ, and modern songs which were accompanied by the CD and also by Joanne on her guitar.

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Easter Saturday Coffee Morning


Despite the rain, we had a joyful coffee morning on Easter Saturday.  There was a plentiful display of children's books for sale and two represerntatives from Funzi Bodo were on hand to share the excellent work that the charity has been doing over the last decade. Many thanks to everyone who came along and supported this worthwhile cause.

£190 was raised for Funzi Bodo


 Thank You



We celebrated Palm Sunday, as is our tradition, by singing lively songs on the Church steps before the main service. There was then the option of either going to Messy Church or atending regular worship in the main Church. 

On Maundy Thursday we had a special evening service led by Rev Keith Hunt. We sat around tables at the front of the Church to share a symbolic meal. We also had Bible readings, hymns and prayers. 

On Good Friday morning we shared a reflective service together before gathering with other Christians for coffee and hot cross buns in preparation for the Walk of Witness. After a hymn and prayer at the Parish Church, we enjoyed one of a selection of home made soups that were on offer.

We celebrated our risen Lord on Easter Sunday by sharing Communion together at St. Andrew's. While singing 'He Has Risen', we decorated the Lentern cross with small posies of spring flowers.


After the service, the cross was placed in the Church garden for the whole community to enjoy.



After lots of snow it was unsure whether we would make Blackpool or not, but luckily 29 out of 39 people made it.

As it was Lent we decided to use this as our theme. On Friday evening,after a lovely evening meal, we looked at the fact that Lent is a time of challenge, urging us to confess our faults, but also a time of hope, bringing the promise of forgiveness. We did a quiz which the aim was to discover what ‘Confessing’ actually means.

Saturday morning saw us focusing on choices. This was to demonstrate that choices are not always easy, and the right way is not always as clear as we would like, but if we seek God’s guidance he will help us choose wisely. 

We also went on to make the point that Lent is also a time for quiet reflection, but also sometimes for decision; we need to seek God’s timing to discover what is right for us.
We had bible readings to study, quizzes to do and choices to make.

Our young people also thought about Lent and were asked if they had given anything up. They then focussed on 40 having to come up with 40 different things on a certain subject. They also had to round 40 sheep(dried peas) into a pen by blowing down a straw. Their last challenge was to build a circle of Pringles which was quite  difficult but they managed it in the end.

After a coffee break we all joined together in making Easter Lanterns and Easter hanging decorations.

Saturday afternoon was free time and many of us went out for a walk along the prom even though it was a bit windy.


On Saturday night we had an evening of team games where everyone was able to take part.


Sunday morning saw us share worship with our friends at North Shore Methodist Church. Charlie came along with us too.

We then went back for our Sunday lunch and after this we summed up our weekend before finishing off with our usual photo.







A good time was had and we look forward to next year’s weekend.

We invite you to come and join us!