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Welcome to the December page! 

Advent calendars are eagerly opened each morning as we count down to Christmas. The short days are followed by twinkling lights on the streets and in our homes. During the coldest days we hope for the excitement of snowfall and at school we are busy with Christmas crafts and Christmas songs. Do enjoy the wonderful season of Advent and, when the time finally comes, have a very Happy Christmas!


One Last Sleep

Time for bed! Time for sleep!
Go on your sleepy way;
Snuggled down and sleeping deep –
Tomorrow’s Christmas Day!

He will come! While you rest!
Santa with his sleigh!
Climbing down the chimney breast
With gifts for Christmas Day!

You’ve been good! Just sleep well!
Hear what your parents say!
Underneath that sleepy spell
Along comes Christmas Day!

The best time of the year!
When we can laugh and play!
One day full of festive cheer
We all love Christmas Day!

By Nigel Beeton


Christmas Cards

Time to write your Christmas cards again – what designs have you picked to send this year? Are they religious ones? Have you made your own cards?

Look in the shops at all the different designs, traditional and modern. Traditional religious cards have usually included the nativity – Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. But what else would you count as religious? The Three Kings? The Bible doesn’t say they were kings, or that there were three; just that they were Wise Men, who travelled far to bring special gifts for the baby Jesus.

Do you know why there are so many robins on Christmas cards? The first postmen in Victorian times wore red and were called robins, so robins were shown as delivering cards.

Whatever kind of card you send this year, be sure to include a kind message with love for your friends. Our love is a tiny echo of God’s love for all the world.


And time for a little humour...


What goes red white red white red white?

Santa rolling down a hill.


Can you find your way through the maze?



A Prayer at Christmas

Father of all good gifts,

Thank you for the greatest gift of all – your precious Son, Jesus. Thank you that He chose to live with us so that all who trust Him will one day live with you in peace and wholeness.

Help us Father, this Christmas, to keep you at the centre of our celebrations and, in the midst of all the busy-ness and rush, to know your presence and the peace that only you can give. And Lord, may we reflect your love to those who don’t yet know that you are real and alive and able to help, whatever their situation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Daphne Kitching