Music and Audio


Andy Dobb - The Code  CD

This modern Christian music is produced by Christian Vision for Men 

I absolutely loved the beautiful music - both the melody and lyrics were clear and while it felt fresh and new, I also felt I easily could join in. 

It was a real joy to discover something that I could eaily unwind and relax to without feeling I needed to get into Christian rock conert mode!

If you like Ed Sheeran, then this may well be the one for you! 



The Power of the Cross

Words and music by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

A memorable and poignant song for Lent and Easter. Sing along, use it for personal worship, or in a Service if you have the opportunity. Beautiful music played on a range of instruments both traditional and modern. 

There are quite a few versions of this available on You Tube. This is my personal favourite:



Keith and Kristyn Getty - Facing a Task Unfinished CD

Keith Getty is probably best known for the famous hymn (not on this album, I'm afraid) 'In Christ Alone' which was voted the second favourite hymn of the UK by the BBC Songs of Praise Survey. This, the Getty's latest album, continues to both inspire and uplift and some of the songs feature special guests such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Although a few songs are headlined on the cover, my personal favourite is 'O Church Arise'. Overall, a lovely CD with the signature Getty sounds but also plenty of variety. 



CD - Tidings of Comfort and Joy

This is a really special CD, and one that is particularly welcome at the start of Advent as we begin our preparations for the big day itself. Pam Rhodes shares some of the stories behind our Christmas traditions as well as some heartwarming personal reflections.There's a range of poetry, song and Bible readings.The closing prayer is extremely poignant as Pam considers the family gathering around the Christmas table,with whom she shares 'warm memories and unknown futures.'  She prays that all the hearts of those gathered will be filled with love, courage, hope and peace. She finishes with a blessing for us all:

God bless you all, this Christmas Day,

may Bethlehem star still light thy way

and guide thee to the perfect peace,

when every fear and doubt shall cease

and may thy homes such glory know

as did the stable long ago. 



Hillsong Live - Cornerstone



During the summer, Songs of Praise played the song ‘cornerstone’. Having never heard it before,and being struck by the memorable lyrics,I did  a quick Google search which took me straight to Hillsong’s music. This CD has has a range of trendy anthem type Christian songs which don’t disappoint. 


"Christ alone; cornerstone
Weak made strong; in the Saviour's love
Through the storm, He is Lord
Lord of all"



Elevation Worship - Here as in Heaven

This is the sort of worship music that would rock a stadium. I stumbled across Elevation Worship in a magazine and I have throughly enjoyed their 'Here as in Heaven' CD. My personal favourite will have to be the title song which begins with the lyrics:

The  atmosphere is changing now

For the spirit of the Lord is here

The evidence is all around

That the spirit of the Lord is here.

The other song which I absolutely love is 'Resurrecting' as it really brings the Easter story into our everyday lives. Here we go:

By your spirit I will rise

From the ashes of defeat

The resurrected King

Is resurrecting me

In your name I come alive

To declare your victory

The resurrected King

Is resurrecting me.


There is little one can add. Absolutely beautiful.