Maintaining our Church


June 2017

During the first half of 2017, in addition to day to day maintenance , there has been some more significant work taking place which will undoubtedly improve the experience for people visiting our Church.

We are pleased to report that the choir vestry is now finished. The colours, which complement those of the main Church, along with the new window, lighting and carpet, have created a most lovely space for small gatheirngs and our weekly Tuesday prayer meeting. Many thanks to the volunteers who so freely gave their time and effort. We are hopeful that the vestry table will also be restored shortly.

The large kitchen downstairs had a deep clean (and has since received a five star hygiene rating!) before being decorated, thanks to a generous donation.

On Saturday 27th May, many volunteers helped clean the Church hall and surrounding areas ready for the decoration which took place the following week. The biscuit tones, the same as in the downstairs kitchen, co-ordinate well with the brick wallls and beige floor of our hall.

New railings have replaced the aging meshwork on the staicase beside the main hall. These railings are currently in the process of being painted. 

Other jobs have included fixing the leaking heating pipe at the back of the main Church and repairing the water damage on the staircase below. There have been numerous smaller repairs, many of which have been completed using the skills we have in-house. 

Many thanks to all who have helped, and to everyone for their patience while the work was taking place. 


January 2017

Looking after the building of St. Andrew's is no small task and many people help to care for the property on a daily basis to ensure that it is a comfortable and welcoming environment for those who use it.

Currently the choir vestry is being decorated by volunteers. We hope to have this completed within a few weeks.

In recent months, a few more significant maintenance issues, which have required expert help, have been addressed. We are grateful to local tradesmen who have worked with us so efficiently, and to both those who use St. Andrew's during the week and to our neighbours for bearing with us through any short-term disruptions. 

The trees alongside the back wall of the Church were overshadowing both the Church building and the neighbouring properties. These were professionally thinned and crown lifted in the autumn. The undergrowth alongside the garden to the south of the Church had also encroached across the lawn making access for maintaining the building very difficult. Once cut back, the drains were cleaned all around the property, the gutters have been emptied and essential repairs have been made to some fall-pipes.

In December, scaffolding was erected on the south west corner of the church to enable access for roof repairs over the staircase. Now that the external repairs in this part of the Church are complete, the internal decoration of the staircase (the damage of which was caused by the leaky roof) will be taking place in the near future.

Also in December, replacement windows were fitted in the main hall and at the top of the staircase leading to the choir vestry. The choir vestry window was also replaced.

Internally there have been various improvements. Lights now automatically switch on when using the staircase to the lower floor, and the extractor fans in the toilets have also been fixed. The kitchen waste pipes have been replaced and the rather blistered wall by the organ pipes has been scraped and painted.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported the work undertaken. All of the positive comments have been greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the Church maintenance fund historically as well as during recent times. St. Andrew’s feels truly cared for and loved.