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Here are the solutions for last month's puzzles:

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Here are this month's puzzles:


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November's Crossword



Clues Across Clues Down

1  ‘The Lord Jesus... took bread, and when He had given — , he broke it’ (1 Corinthians 11:24) (6)

4  ‘He has taken me to the banquet hall, and His — over me is love’ (Song of Songs 2:4) (6)

8  Surrey town that hosts the National Christian Resources Exhibition (5)

9  Also known as Abednego (Daniel 1:7) (7)

10 Liken (Isaiah 40:18) (7)

11 A son of Etam, descendant of Judah (1 Chronicles 4:3) (5)

12 A part of the temple where the blood of a young bull was to be smeared (Ezekiel 45:19) (9)

17 ‘They make many promises, take false — and make agreements’ (Hosea 10:4) (5)

19 Roman province to which Paul returned after evangelizing it on his first missionary journey (Acts 16:6) (7)

21 Material used to make baby Moses’ basket (Exodus 2:3) (7)

22 ‘And feeble as — , in thee do we trust, nor find thee to fail’ (5)

23 ‘The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep — to his voice’ (John10:3) (6)

24 Stalk carrying the sponge of wine vinegar given to Christ on the cross (John 19:29) (6)

1  Elijah dug one round the altar he built on Mount Carmel and filled it with water (1 Kings 18:32) (6)

2  ‘I am not — of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes’ (Romans 1:16) (7)

3  Buddhist term relating to belief in reincarnation (5)

5  Damascus disciple who, at God’s command, restored the sight of the blinded Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:12) (7)

6  and 16 Horses: their sound (Jeremiah 50:11) (5) and their gait (Joel 2:4) (6)

7  A three (anag.) (6)

9  Athenian council addressed memorably by Paul (Acts 17:22) (9)

13 Abide by (Galatians 3:5) (7)

14 Persian princes (Daniel 3:2) (7)

15 Force (Galatians 6:12) (6)

16 See 6 Down (6)

18 Paste (anag.) (5)

20 How the cedars of Lebanon are described (Isaiah 2:13) (5)


November's Wordsearch

This month Scotland remembers one of the very first disciples of Jesus.  St Andrew is honoured not for any mighty deeds of his own, but for his love of introducing people to Jesus.  He went straight off and introduced his brother Peter to the Saviour, and followed that up by bringing Nathanael/Bartholomew to Jesus. ‘Better Together’ seems to have been his slogan, too! ‘We have found the Messiah!’, he told them, unable to keep the good news to himself.  Andrew’s connection with Scotland dates back to the claimed translation of his remains from Patras in Achaia to Scotland in the eighth century. The church in Fife where these remains were buried became a place of pilgrimage during the tenth century. All of this may be no more than pious legend,  but that St Andrew was highly regarded in Scotland and became its patron saint is beyond doubt.