Weekly Prayer

Let us Pray...

You are very welcome to pray with us.

Each Tuesday, Prayer Service takes place 11:00-11:30 am in the choir vestry (accessed from the main Church).

The main Church is also open Saturdays 10:00 am -12:00 noon.

Sunday worship takes place at 10:30 am.

If you would like to find out more about praying, see christianity.org.uk 


20th July

We bless your name, O God, for all your servants who have fought the fight and kept the faith. Grant us grace to follow their good examples, to continue their work and to enjoy their fellowship in the glory of your kingdom; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

John Hunter (1849-1917)

14th July

Forgive us, Lord, that as we grow to maturity, our faith is blighted with doubts, withered with worry, tainted with sophistication. We pray that you will make us like children again in faith – not childish, but childlike in the simplicity of a faith that is willing to trust you even though we cannot see what tomorrow will bring.

7th July

Take, Lord, and receive all my freedom, my memory, my intelligence and my will – all that I have and possess. You, Lord, have given those things to me. I now give them back to you, Lord. All belongs to you. Dispose of these gifts according to your will. I ask only for your love and your grace, for they are enough for me.

A prayer of Ignatius of Loyala (1491 – 1556)

30th June

Loving God, we respond to your amazing love by serving you in all that we do.

But sometimes we feel tired and when we do, we ask that you will refresh us.

Sometimes we feel we have let you down and when we do, we ask that you will pick us up.

Sometimes we feel we have disowned you and when we do, we ask that you will put your gentle arms of love around us.

Then, when we are refreshed, picked up and helped by you, Lord, send us out into the community to continue to serve you in response to your amazing love.


The Revd Richard Teal


23rd June

You came Lord Jesus Christ

to teach us the way of life which God requires:

make us receptive to your word,

and help us to obey, whatever the cost,

that our lives may bear much fruit;

to the glory of your name.


Collects with the new Lectionary


16th June

Lord, forgive us when we listen, but do not hear; when we look, but do not see; and when we feel, but do not act; and by your mercy and grace draw us into the righteous deeds of your kingdom of justice and peace; through Christ our Lord.


Maria Hare (1798-1870)


9th June

Come, Holy Spirit, and make us Pentecost people.

Let your wisdom and right judgment guide our decisions and temper our impulses.

Let knowledge and understanding increase our capacity for empathy and compassion.

Let reverence and awe fill us with gratitude and respect for all of creation.

Give us the courage to witness boldly to our faith in word and deed.

Through and with and in Jesus Christ, we pray.



2nd June

Lord, we pray for the spread of the gospel,

Bless those who preach, teach, heal, build, reconcile, bring hope,

that their message may be the means of salvation to those who hear:

and grant that your church may grow and increase

In the knowledge of your divine love.


Futher Everyday Prayers


26th May


All creation rejoices in your presence, O God. The sun sings your praise. The moon gives you glory. The stars proclaim your presence. The angels worship your Godhead and all humanity offers you its blessing.


Orthodox Blessing

19th May

Teach us, good Lord, to serve thee as thou deservest;

To give and not to count the cost,

To fight and not to heed the wounds,

To toil and not to seek for rest,

To labour and not to ask for any reward,

Save that of knowing that we will do thy will,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

St. Ignatius Loyola


12th May

Transforming God, give us your deep love and grace so that things may change around us.
As disciples of Jesus, may we sow transforming seeds of love, not of division.
May we show love and encouragement, rather than criticism and disapproval.
May we speak kindness into discord, comfort into mourning and hope into hopelessness.

Steven Wild, Cornwall District Chair


5th May

Christ our friend,

you ask our love in spite of our betrayal.

Give us courage to embrace forgiveness,

know you again,

and trust ourselves in you;

We pray in your name.



28th April


Lord, create in me a love for peace;


not peace that is the absence of struggle,

not peace that is blind to injustice,

but peace that makes whole what now is broken.




21st April

We are often not the Easter People
that we should be,
living in the certain knowledge
of your great mercy and love.
Distracted by the world around us
we fail to hear your voice,
or hide when faith is challenged
as we wander off the path.
Forgive us, we pray;
restore the love that we first had,
a faith that can endure.
We will keep our eyes fixed on you, Lord,
and with you at our right hand
we shall not be shaken.


Easter Prayer

When everything was dark
and it seemed that the sun would never shine again,
your love broke through.

Your love was too strong,
too wide,
too deep
for death to hold.

The sparks cast by your love
dance and spread
and burst forth
with resurrection light.

Gracious God,
We praise you for the light of new life
made possible through Jesus.
We praise you for the light of new life
that shone on the first witnesses of resurrection.
We praise you for the light of new life
that continues to shine in our hearts today.

We pray that the Easter light of life, hope and joy,
will live in us each day;
and that we will be bearers of that light
into the lives of others.

Revd Michaela Youngson


13 April 2019

The crowds fill the streets as they welcome their King,

And they cut down the palm branches to wear as they sing.

His friends bring a donkey on which he can ride

While the children are walking so close by his side.

'Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!' they sing,

'Hosanna! Hosanna!' to Jesus their King.


6 April 2019

Lord, it isn’t easy.
It isn’t easy to speak out for you when they don’t want to listen.
It isn’t easy to live by your story when they don’t believe it.
It isn’t easy to welcome the stranger when the unfamiliar looks frightening.
It isn’t easy to be open to others when they might change me.
It isn’t easy to follow you when you go to the wrong places.

Child, it isn’t easy.
It isn’t easy to walk with me toward Jerusalem.
It isn’t easy to trust when you want to direct.
It isn’t easy to let go when you want to grasp tightly.
It isn’t easy, but rest in me, trust my love and you will be born anew.
Lord, help me to trust you and share your love that the world may be transformed.

Ruth Gee, Connexional Ecumenical Officer, former Darlington District Chair


30th March 2019


We worship you, the one God,
the God of our forebears, who shared the gospel in far flung lands,
the God of our generation, which has struggled to maintain your mission for our time.
Move us from patronage to partnership, from tradition to innovation, as one Church in one world.
Help us to identify your way and your will so that together we may communicate the gospel to the next generation.


Wendy Kilworth-Mason, superintendent minister, Whitehaven Circuit



23rd March 2019

Lord, we thank you for the transformation of a shrivelled seed into food or flower,
the movement of night to day and your eternal love seen in Jesus.
May we be transformed for fruitfulness,
become light for others and know that your love is broader,
higher, wider and deeper than we will ever comprehend.


Graham Thompson, Plymouth and Exeter District Chair


16th March 2019

Prayer for Christchurch, New Zealand

God of peace
We pray for those caught up in the events in New Zealand, for those killed and wounded, and for those who will mourn. 
We pray for the people of the emergency services as they respond, and for community leaders and faith leaders as they work to heal broken communities. 
Soften the hearts of those who are motivated by hate and bring peace to your precious people of New Zealand. 
In Christ’s name.


Michaela Youngson, President of the Methodist Church in Great Britain


9th March 2019

God of all grace, good beyond all that is good, fair beyond all that is fair and loving beyond all that is loving; grant us to be of one mind in our faith, of one hope in our calling, and of one heart in our loving; through Christ our Lord.


Dionysius of Alexandria (c.200-c.265)

1st March 2019

Bind our souls to your own, O Christ, so that we may never be separated from you.

Only in you are we fully alive, only in your light can we truly see and only in your strength can we safely pursue our way.

To you we come, O wisdom without end.

In you we rest, O mercy without limit.


Mechtild of Magdeburg (c.1207-1282)

22nd February 2019

Lord Jesus, you call each one of us to follow you, to be your disciples and to make disciples.
You enable us to live out that discipleship as we seek to transform the lives of those whom
we meet and the communities to which we belong.
You inspire us to be agents of change and to seize the moment to proclaim your love and to
be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
You challenge us to live every day for you.
May we be open to new ways and strengthened through your power.


Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair


15th February 2019

Take from us, O Lord, all sloth, love of power and idle talk.

Of your mercy grant us clarity of mind, strength of purpose and humility of heart.

Beholding our own faults let us not be the judge of others, for you alone are truly blessed, now and to the ages of ages.


Ephrem the Syrian (306-373)


8th February 2019

O God of transforming love,
when I look at the news, read the papers, attend a meeting,
or look in the mirror, I wonder, “Can things ever change?”
Then I think of arrogant Joseph, flawed David, headstrong Peter,
greedy Zacchaeus and zealous Saul.
I marvel at the faith of Abraham, the devotion of Ruth, the obedience of Mary,
the scandal of the woman washing Jesus’ feet and the desperate hope of Jairus.
Then, when I watch the news, or look in the mirror, I thank you again, O God, for the
transforming power and gracious love I see in Jesus. Amen.

David Hinchliffe, Channel Islands District Chair


1st February 2019

Teach us, O God, to trust your providence, ordered and sure; to accept your wisdom, unerring and true; and to rejoice in your love, unbounded and eternal; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Charles Simeon (1759-1836)

25th January 2019

Lord, be our focus.
When transformation of this world is far from linear, let us be patient.
Where the troubles of today appear to be greater than those of yesterday, help us to pray.
When the voice of your love is muffled by our selfish ways, may we repent.

Lord, lead us.
When the chance to do what is best for your kingdom is before us, come Holy Spirit.
When making tough decisions is even harder than we imagined, give us courage.
When the future looks so different from the present, increase our faith.

Lord, bless us.
When we worship you, may we be your blessing to others.
Where we live and dwell, may we act kindly to all.
When our race is run, may others give you thanks.


Stephen Lindridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne District Chair


18th January 2019

Eternal Father,

at the baptism of Jesus

you revealed him to be your Son

and anointed him with the Holy Spirit.

Keep all who are born of water and the Spirit

faithful to their calling as your people;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Methodist Worship Book


11th January 2019

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for loving us.

Thank You for sending Jesus and for the work of Your Holy Spirit in opening people’s eyes to recognise Him.

Please open our eyes and hearts afresh to Him.

Help us to truly trust Him and to be aware of the price He paid so that we can know Your peace and live with You forever.

By Daphne Kitching


4th January 2019

You are never tired, O Lord, of doing us good; let us never be weary of doing You service.  But as You have pleasure in the well-being of Your servants, let us take pleasure in the service of our Lord, and abound in Your work and in Your love and praise evermore.

John Wesley