Other Publications

28th October 2017

Recent additions to the Welcome Table. 

Only a few weeks left now before the table is put away for a few weeks for the period of Advent.

3rd September 2017

 Autumn publications have arrived on the Welcome Table - Please help yourself.


28th July 2017

There's plenty of free new magazines for everyone available on the Welcome Table. 

Please help yourself.

Enjoy your summer reading!



24th June 2017

Inspire Magazine July/August Edition

Please help yourself to a free copy from the Welcome Table. 

Read about the popular Christian rapper, Gyvna B who will be publishing his first book 'Unpopular Culture' in July.

Find out about Megan, a twelve year old from Preston, who felt moved to help homeless people while out Christmas shopping. This was the beginning of HopeBags, which are bags of donated essentials that are handed out to people living on the streets or in shelters.

With the chance to win great giveaways, this regular publication is another inspirational read.



27th May 2017

Inspire magazine June edition

A range of articles, as the title implies, to inspire readers on their journey of faith. Read about The Oakes, a Christian residential activity centre for young people near Sheffield, consider how a staycation might be just the ticket when going away for a holiday is difficult and read about Simon Thomas, Sky TV football presenter who  believes God saved his life.


Pick up a free copy from the Welcome table. 





6th May 2017

Our World and Original View

These colourful newsletters share lots of Scientific information which celebrates the Bible creation story. Full of fascinating facts about how our bodies work and also including articles about animals, these are short and engaging reads. 'Our World' is for slightly younger readers and articles include 'The Breath of Life', digesting food and the discovery of X-Rays.

Please do help yourself to a free copy from the Welcome table. 


22nd April 2017

Inspire magazine  May edition

The latest Inspire magazine includes a feature on the well-known singer of contemporary Christian music, Steven Curtis Chapman, who has just published a book about his journey.

There's also an article by Lorraine Cavanagh who focuses on the importance of preparation when it comes to preaching. Find out about Sally Beadle from Norfolk who became a clown in 'Bible Circus'.

With suggestions for how to revitalise your prayer life and some puzzles, this is a great publication.

Pick up a free copy from the welcome table. 



8th April 2017

The Connexion - Issue 8 Spring 2017


The Spring edition of The Connexion, which is produced by the Methodist Church, is now available free of charge on the Welcome Table. There's a variety of inspirational articles on the theme of Transition to reflect on.

Please do take a copy.





25th March 2017

Easter Inspire Magazine


Read about the reggae DJ who became a missionary in Lewisham and the Cotswold Church which has transformed and grown considerably over the last few decades. There's also serious reflection on the thirtieth anniversary of The Zeebrugge disaster.

Please help yourself to a free copy from the table in the Welcome Area.





1st March 2017

March Inspire Magazine

A range of articles including:

the story of Beatrice Smith (shown on the front cover) who fled Rwanda with her family;

the West Yorkshire mission project for young people, called 'Sorted', founded by Church Army;

how prayer is being used as a 'stress-buster' in Durham's secondary schools.

Please take a free copy from the table in the Welcome Area.



1st January 2017



A range of magazines are available free of charge in the welcome Area. Please do help yourself.






31st October 2016



Bi-monthly magazine – available free from the welcome table in St. Andrew’s

Please take your own copy of the November/December issue from the table. As the title suggests, this magazine will lift your spirits as it is full of warm testimonies of individual journeys. The magazine also shares news of the valuable work undertaken by individuals, charities and the Church within the community. This is something to encourage us all.



17th October 2016

Woman Alive

A monthly magazine for Christian women

This is a lovely magazine with a range of interesting articles which are both down to earth and inspiring. Seasonal features, including a monthly prayer, craft activities and recipes, provide something for everyone. The magazine also keeps you up to date with new CDs and books as well as events such as conferences and tours. Subscription deals are regularly available – it would make a great gift!


Although aimed at leaders (in the widest possible sense) within the Church, this is book is an enlightening read for anyone who feels they have something to contribute. The first part of the book explores the concepts (and realities) of the hierarchical leadership model, known as the institution-centred Church, and also the opposite, convincingly put forward by the authors, which is the person-centred Church. The second part of the book focuses on how to lead in a person-centred way. Lightly peppered with recognisable quotes from people such as Stephen Covey and Albert Einstein, the model and guidance can also easily be applied to virtually any workplace.

Towards the end of the book we are invited to ponder being 95 years old. We are asked to imagine sitting in a rocking chair reflecting on our life with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. What would that life look like, we are asked? And what do we need to do between now and then to try to achieve it?

Both inspiring and thought provoking, this book is both a ‘nudge’ and a warm embrace of encouragement to release the potential in ourselves and also in others.