Month of Prayer

Leeds (South and West) Methodist Circuit invite you to take part in the January Prayer Challenge.

This challenge is also known as '18 Minutes Past' as it is hoped many people will choose to pray at eighteen minutes past the hour in the knowledge there will be others also praying at this time. 

You may wish to pray as an individual, or pray as part of a group. 

Each week there is a focus for our prayers.


You are welcome to join the Prayer Walk on Saturday 6th January. This starts at Trinity Methodist Church in Bramley at 10:00am and finishes at 11:00am.


Week 1 - w/c 7th January 2018: Praying for our Circuit

In total there are 22 Churches in the circuit. They are as follows:

Adel Methodist Church

Beeston Hill United Free Church

Central Methodist Church

Cookridge Methodist Church

The Church in Cottingley

Farsley Community Church

The Grove Methodist Church

Headingley Methodist Church

Highfield Methodist Church

Hunslet Methodist Church

Hyde Park Methodist Church

Lower Wortley Methodist Church

Meanwood Methodist Church (at Holy Trinity)

The Church in Rodley

St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Beeston

St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Pudsey

St John’s Methodist Church

St Mark’s Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church, Bramley

Wesley Road Chapel

Whingate Methodist Church


Pray for three of these Churches each day of this week.

Pray for the stewards, members, those who are part of the fellowships.

Pray for the circuit leadership team as it guides the circuit through this process.


Week 2 - w/c 14th January 2018: Praying for our local Church

Reflect on the life of your Church.

Pray for those aspects of your Church life that are a source of joy.

Pray for the new initiatives that are being undertaken and planned.

Pray for the needs of your Church as you can identify them.

By the end of this week, list two ot three areas of your Church life that you would like your partner Churches to pray for in Week 4.

You might like to make a note of your ideas to share with stewards.


Week 3 - w/c 21st January 2018: Praying for our local community

You might choose to begin a prayer walk around your local community, praying for each road. Undertake this as a group, doing a few roads together aiming to cover your local community in prayer by the end of January.

Individually or as a group, pray for significant places in your area such as schools, post office, local businesses, bus stops etc.

Are there any concerns particular to your community? Bring them to God, and offer your time and talents to be part of God's response.

Look in your local newspapers, Church magazines and keep your ears open for events in your area. Even if it's not something you would go along to support, cover them with prayer so that God's blessing is in your community.

Who are the 'people of peace' in your part of the city? Pray for those who encourage and enable good relationships in the area.


Week 4 - w/c/ 28th January 2018: Praying for our partner Churches

See Week 2

Two or three Churches from the circuit will be in touch with areas of their Church life which they would like you to pray for this week.


Some Resources to help with Prayer: