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Solutions for September's puzzles are as follows:


Sudoku easy solution                                Soduko medium solution














Crossword solution                                        Wordsearch solution















This month's puzzles are as follows: 


Easy Sudoku                                                                   Medium Sudoku














Crossword clues:


Clues Across Clues Down

1  Tertullus, who presented the high priest’s case against Paul in his trial before Felix, was one (Acts 24:1) (6)

4  As balm (anag.) (6)

8  Having explored Canaan, he and Joshua urged the Israelites to take possession of it (Numbers 13:30) (5)

9  On becoming king of Judah, he had all six of his brothers killed (2 Chronicles 21:4) (7)

10 ‘Even the — has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself’ (Psalm 84:3) (7)

11 Banishment(Jeremiah29:1)(5)

12 ‘And now I will show you the most — way’(1Corinthians12:31) (9)

17 ‘Titus did not exploit you, did he? Did we not —— the same spirit and follow the same course?’ (2 Corinthians 12:18) (3,2)

19 Mice den(anag.)(7)

21 How Egypt is often described in the Old Testament: ‘the land of — ’ (Exodus 13:3) (7)

22 One of the first Levites to resettle in Jerusalem after the exile in Babylon (1 Chronicles 9:15) (5)

23 ‘As a sheep before her shearers is —,so he did not open his mouth’ (Isaiah 53:7) (6)

24 Paul’s birthplace(Acts22:3)(6)

1  Ravenous insect inflicted on Egypt in vast numbers as the eighth plague (Exodus 10:14) (6)

2  Well-being (Philippians 2:20) (7)

3  Small piece of live coal or wood in a dying fire (Psalm 102:3) (5)

5  Sportsman or woman (2 Timothy 2:5) (7)

6  The original name of Abraham’s wife (Genesis 17:15) (5)

7  ‘So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each — belongs to all the others’ (Romans 12:5) (6)

9  According to Peter, a wife’s beauty should not come from wearing this (1 Peter 3:3) (9)

13 ‘For God did not send his Son into the world to — the world’ (John 3:17) (7)

14 ‘The Lord of heaven and earth...does not live in — built by hands’ (Acts 17:24) (7)

15 ‘If your hand — you to sin,cut it off’(Mark9:43)(6)

16 Something like these fell from Saul’s eyes as soon as Ananias placed his hands on him (Acts 9:18) (6)

18 Track(Job41:30)(5)

20 Religious doctrine(5)





The Poor Man’s Earl

Think of Piccadilly Circus, and that small statue of the angel poised with bow and arrow. Most people think it stands for Eros.  It is in fact a memorial to the greatest Christian Victorian philanthropist, politician and social reformer of his generation – Lord Shaftesbury.

Anthony Ashley Cooper, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (1801 – 1885) was a devout Christian Member of Parliament who spent his life fighting to help ease the miserable conditions in lunatic asylums, to stop the practise of forcing young children to be chimney sweeps, to stop children working in factories below the age of 10,  to stop women and children going in the mines at all, to stop opium addiction, and to provide Ragged Schools for children without any means of education.   On the day of his funeral at Westminster Abbey, tens of thousands of poor Londoners thronged the streets to see his coffin go by.  He was much loved as The Poor Man’s Earl.